Factors That Affect the Cost of a Tree Service

Factors That Affect the Cost of a Tree Service


Tree Service involves the application of arboricultural practices to the built environment. This includes parks, greenways, backyards, and road verges. Whether the work involves cutting down or preserving a tree, there are many different ways to approach the problem. There are also safety precautions to consider and permits to obtain.

Expertise required

Tree service requires a high level of expertise, as tree maintenance and care is a dangerous profession. Experts in the field have specialized training, such as in disease prevention and how to control pests. Tree technicians may also work closely with architects, landscape architects, and lawn care specialists. They must know how to properly scale trees and plan all cuts and ties.

There are several certifications available to professionals in the tree care industry. For example, the International Society of Arboriculture offers the Certified Arborist (CA) credential, as well as the Certified Tree Worker Climber Specialist (CTWCS) credential. Both certifications require the successful completion of an examination.

While word-of-mouth is the most common marketing strategy for tree care companies, establishing a web presence is vital. This will help people find your business when they search for a tree service company. Other marketing tools include printed fliers and professional business cards. Advertising in local newspapers and providing coupons will also help.


There are many factors that can influence the cost of a tree service. One of the most important is the size of the tree. Bigger trees require more labor and heavier equipment to remove. Additionally, trees that are dead will be less expensive to remove than trees that are still alive. The diameter of the tree also affects the cost. A thick tree will be more expensive to remove than a thin one.

When choosing a company for your tree service needs, make sure they are insured and have enough experience. Many companies that don’t have enough experience can be risky and endanger your property. You should also check their reviews and check for financial backing. While it can be tempting to hire a handyman to cut a tree, hiring a professional tree service can get you substantial results and keep your landscape beautiful.

The average cost of a tree service business starts at around $10,000, but can run as high as $50,000. Other startup costs include obtaining a business license, buying equipment, and a warehouse. You’ll also need to pay for insurance for your employees and pay for the depreciation of your equipment and vehicles. In addition, you’ll need to create a website and business cards for your service.


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